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is a backbone enterprise specializing in development, design, production and sales of professional production of photographic equipment. Factory people-oriented, technology leader, with a number of strong product development, design staff. In the development and production of photographic equipment has a wealth of experience, so that the factory more professional, serialization, style. The use of modern enterprise management model, with excellent after-sales service for the development of enterprises to provide a good space.

Manbily Manbili brand professional three tripod, monopod, PTZ camera series, product design concept of the humanization, smooth appearance, simple and elegant features, makes the products of perfect art style. Since the development of the product, has been well received by people from all walks of life's attention and favor. In particular, professional photographers, which are more sensitive. Manbily can not only meet the needs of your professional, but also bring you the enjoyment of art.

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